Saturday, January 24, 2009

Take On A Family Tree

My SIL came up with the general idea and I made it with my own spin. On a 16x20 canvas, painted with acrylics and leaves made from quality scrapbook papers, and some adorable little scrapbook frames. It was fun to make because I made it as a gift and I enjoyed being creative. I tried to make it go with her color schemes.

Check it out


HollyB said...

Thanks for my birthday gift! Now I need to find some good pictures for it!

HollyB said...

Saw this quote and thought of you... "Stop fighting your creative spirit that is struggling to break free inside you. You will not be the person you were meant to be until you free this creative spirit and find ways to put it to use. Freeing your creative spirit will not send you into financial ruin or cause havoc with your life, if you acknowledge the creative side of you and find ways to gradually blend it into your thought process. What will happen is that you will find happiness you didn't know existed and you will become the person you were meant to be."

-- Edward W. Smith, The One Minute Motivator

Melanie said...

thanks! :)