Thursday, November 20, 2008

Open For Business

Hi everyone! I'm posting this to let you know that KaiLei designs has opened shop on Etsy. We currently have the Cherry Blossom Spring for sale there. Please take a look around and if you're interested in having something custom made, please message me through Etsy and let me know! We can work out the logisitics and hopefully come up with something that suits you!

Thanks for looking.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Finished!- Cherry Blossom Spring

I finished it today. Although I posted both of these posts on the same day, it was started about two weeks ago and I've been working on it slowly. It's the first of anything like this I've done. I am pleased with how it turned out overall!

*please see below post for details of this art* Frame is 16x20

$75.00 OOAK mixed media art. I take paypal

Something I'm working on

I wanted to do cherry blossoms since they're one of my favorite flowers. I wanted it clean and I'm not really a painter so I did the skeleton of the tree in a black acrylic paint. The blossoms are done by making a pattern and then tracing and hand cutting each of them out from acrylic felt. Once they were cut, I've been doing a stem stitch and french knot stitch for the stamen in a chocolate embroidery floss. It's not finished yet, I want the blossoms to be abundant when I'm finished.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Mixed media collage

I wanted to make something personal for my mother in law but, wasn't sure what she would want. Her home is very color coordinated and the dominant color is teal or turquoise. I came up with this design. Decorative paper on the canvas layed with acrylic felt. Some of the felt has been embroidered with blanket stitch and french knots to hold teal and cream paper flowers in place. A pearl teal acrylic has been painted to edge the bottom decorative paper. One small circle is handmade teal paper. In random flowers there is a teal glitter glue to add a sparkle to the center of the flowers.

I have already run it by her and she appears to love it, so it will be wrapped up as an original design for Christmas!

Christmas presents!

These are for my niece and nephew. I was trying to decide what to make them and it hit me! They need stools for brushing their teeth, etc. Their mommy and daddy will like them too!


painted in orchid acrylic and decoupaged pink and blue butterflies. The details are so pretty, soft polka dots and cherry blossoms. On a few of the butterflies I put an irridescent glitter. Once I finished, I coated with three coats of sealer to protect the images and the glitter.


I mixed a sky blue and an electric blue together and got this color. I painted the base in the blue and the very top of the stool got brushed with a pearl teal color to go with the frogs. I then decoupaged the brightly colored tropical frogs and sealed with about three coats of sealant.

"Green" diaper cake

I made this a few months back. Made with Indian bleached pre fold diapers. Two layer cake has a dozen prefolds wrapped around Burt's Bees diaper ointment. Embellishments are a red satin ribbon topped with a cream and red dot patterned ribbon. Paper flowers in cream, corals and red are adorned with red buttons for a finished look. The cake topper is a Gund puppy with a red collar.


Hello Everyone

I have been creating more lately and making some wares to sell as well as making some presents for people.

If your name is Holly or Val, look away now please! :)

I started this blog specifically for the things I create. I hope you enjoy the items as much as I'm enjoying making them!