Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Christmas presents!

These are for my niece and nephew. I was trying to decide what to make them and it hit me! They need stools for brushing their teeth, etc. Their mommy and daddy will like them too!


painted in orchid acrylic and decoupaged pink and blue butterflies. The details are so pretty, soft polka dots and cherry blossoms. On a few of the butterflies I put an irridescent glitter. Once I finished, I coated with three coats of sealer to protect the images and the glitter.


I mixed a sky blue and an electric blue together and got this color. I painted the base in the blue and the very top of the stool got brushed with a pearl teal color to go with the frogs. I then decoupaged the brightly colored tropical frogs and sealed with about three coats of sealant.


Heather said...

Great job! The frog ones look 3D!

The Jacobsen Family! said...

LOVE the frog one (I'm a sucker for frogs)! Great job Mel!!

Holly Bartlett said...

oops, I noticed at the bottom of the blog, it says for anyone named "Holly" not to look. Well, my name is "Holly" Sorry! (I want tell the kids! And, We"ll all act suprised at Christmas) :)

Holly Bartlett said...

***that's WON'T tell the kids, not 'want' --- I'm a ding dong***